AS FROM 1 JUly 2023 - 31 July 2023

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All participants, by entering the competition, agree to be bound by these terms and conditions:

  1. Sebokeng Fuels (Pty) Ltd (“the Promoter”) is conducting this promotional competition (“the Competition”).
  1. The Competition is open to all South African residents who are;
  • 18 (Eighteen) years or older and
  • In possession of a valid identity document, passport or document of proof of South African residency.
  • In possession of a valid South African driver’s license.

Any director, member, partner, employee, agent or consultant of the Promoter, the marketing service providers or any person who directly or indirectly controls or is controlled by these entities, including their spouses, life partners, business partners or immediate family members may not enter or participate in the Competition and will automatically be disqualified upon entry.

  1. This promotional competition is open from 01 July 2023 and ends at 8pm on 31 July 2023. Any entries received after the closing date will not be considered successful entries. Promotor reserves the right to extend or alter promotion duration as and if needed.
  1. To enter, participants are required to:
    1. Fill up their vehicle with at least 30 litres of Shell diesel at Summit Vereeniging.
    2. The customer will receive a till slip indicating their proof of purchase and entry form to complete.
    3. Completed entry forms will go into a box for a lucky draw at the end of the promotional period.
    4. Entries accumulate based on the number of entry forms successfully completed indicating intent of participation with the purchase of at least 20 litres of Shell diesel at Summit Modilmolle.
    5. All entries are valid throughout the duration of the competition.
  1. Participants may enter as many times as they wish provided that each entry meets the criteria specified in paragraph 4.


  1. Customers stand the chance of winning a long weekend away at Mabalingwe for 6 people. The Promoter’s decision is final and no correspondence will be entered into.

The Mabalingwe weekend is booked from 18 – 21 August 2023 and the dates are not transferrable.

  1. SELECTION OF THE WINNERS Winners will be selected as follows:
  • 1 day after the period of the competition the lucky winner will be randomly selected by a random draw from the pool of entries.
  • The winner will be contacted within 2 days of the draw taking place where they will be required to verify their identity and entry.
  • The winner will be contacted up to 3 (Three) times a day and if there is no answer after 3 (Three) attempts, then a second person will be randomly selected.


  1. The winner will be announced on social media. The winner gives permission for their name and picture to be used in advertising and / or media free of charge.
  1. Any personal data submitted by you will be used solely in accordance with current South African data protection legislation and the Promoter’s privacy.
  1. The winner will be required to provide their name, ID number and contact details and to sign an acknowledgment of receipt of the prize.
  1. The prize is not exchangeable for cash and is not transferable.
  1. The Promoter shall have the right to change or terminate the Competition immediately and without notice, if deemed necessary in its opinion and if circumstances arise outside of their control. In the event of such change or termination, all participants agree to waive any rights that they have in respect of this promotional competition and acknowledge that they will have no recourse against the Promoter or its subsidiaries.
  1. In the event that the prize is not available despite the Promoter’s reasonable endeavours to procure the prize, the Promoter reserves the right to substitute prizes of equal.
  1. Neither the Promoter, its agents, associated companies, nor any directors, officers or employees of such, shall be liable for any loss or damage, whether direct, indirect, consequential or otherwise arising from any cause whatsoever, which may be suffered by a participant resulting from the participation in this promotion or the use of any prize.
  1. The judges’ decision is final and no correspondence will be entered.
  1. Participation in the promotional competition constitutes acceptance of the promotional competition rules and participants agree to abide by the rules and regulations.
  1. In the event of a dispute in regard any aspect of the competition and/or these terms and conditions, the decision of the Promoter will be final and binding and no correspondence may be entered.
  1. Important notice: The Promoter is not liable for any technical failures affecting participation in the competition and assumes no liability whatsoever for any entry that has been omitted from participation for any reason Proof of sending will not be accepted as proof of receipt.
  1. The Promoter may refuse to award the prize if entry procedures or these terms and conditions have not been adhered to or if it detects any irregularities or fraudulent practices.
  1. No applications from agents, third parties, organised groups or applications automatically generated by computer will be accepted. No incomplete or corrupted entries will be accepted. Entries will only be accepted if they comply with all entry instructions.
  1. NOTE: Any attempt to use any tactics to enter or more than the stated limit may result in disqualification and all associated entries and will be void. Entries or votes generated by script, macro, bot, commercial contest subscription, incentives or other means not sponsored by the Promoters, vote-swapping sites, voting software, entering service sites or any other automated means and entries or votes by any means that subvert the entry/voting process or do not conform to the terms or spirit of these competition rules, will void the entry/votes and may disqualify the entrant.
  1. No person may win two prizes for this competition.
  1. All information on the website, digital channels and till slip is provided by Sebokeng Fuels (Pty) Ltd, or is licensed from various license holders. You may only use this information to assist in learning more about any particular product or service. You may not store, reuse or utilise this information for any commercial purposes.
  1. You may not use any form of automated search or download technology to access this site without our prior written consent.
  2. By accepting the terms and condition as set out herein, you confirm that you are aware of the information that is being collected by us and that this information will be solely processed for the purposes of this contest.
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